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Post Pandemic Kitchen Design Trend #4: Organization, Seating and Lighting

If it's one thing 2020 has taught us, it's how to make the best out of the current situation and to focus on what we have at home. With everyone staying home more often, our daily routines have lent to families spending a great deal more time together as well as the electrical surge of activity around the house.

Interior Design and Post Pandemic Life

And it's been a palpable change in pulse. Our daily rhythms of cooking, dining, entertainment, hygiene, and sleep have now adapted to the ongoing swell of homeschooling, working from home, and the recurring spike of indoor recreation. After all, if you frequently can't go out, home also must become the insatiable epicenter of buzzing entertainment!

As our homes morph and transform into each arena throughout the day, we meet the challenges for each of these needs with an ever-changing atmosphere of the room. Tables are cleared, lights are toggled, the sound changes, a switch of seating, a shift in focus.

What else can we expect when our kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms have become our library, school, office, rec room, theater, gym, and stage at any given moment of the day?

Kitchen Organization and Storage During Covid

pandemic kitchen design trends 2020 has undoubtedly been a time of restructuring and organizing our home lifestyles as we simplify, streamline, and expand in accordance with the various aspects of work, school, and leisure. As we individually respond to the demands of flexibility, our living spaces also have to be more versatile than ever.

This Kitchen Kraft remodel shown above is where it's at. We're pretty sure the chalkboard and mudroom storage comes in handy with the kids these days. Walls were removed to conjoin the laundry room and mudroom as well.

Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting design covid 2020 Now that we've all added new tasks to the kitchen, we recommend installing LED lights or other lighting options to illuminate all those home science experiments, Friday night Monopoly games, and perhaps the learning pod that is now being taught in your kitchen.

Choose big and bold lighting designs to showcase your style. Dimming and selection controls are crucial for versatility and perfectly adjusting to all your needs throughout the day. Whatever your style or need, our kitchen Kraft design team is ready to turn our creative minds toward brightening up your spaces.

Kitchen and Dining Room Seating

interior design columbus ohio remodeling During covid, variety in seating is certainly a big help in the kitchen and dining room. Whether suiting one person, two adults, or a family with multiple children, having an array of comfort, structure, and work surfaces applies to the various needs throughout our day.

Homework, reading, working on a laptop, cooking, dining... it helps to have options while changing your mode, work, or comfort. Imagine this combination of having a kitchen island, living room sofas and chairs, the kitchen table, a reading nook; this Kitchen Remodel in Powell is set for a wide spectrum of activity.

The post-covid home has become the Rubik's Cube for accommodation. From school, play, leisure, entertainment, also work for some. Whatever your home and kitchen design needs, you can count on the award-winning designers and installers at Kitchen Kraft to custom tailor the perfect layout and applications for your home, family and lifestyle and bring the full construction to beautiful fruition.

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